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Live Chat

Live chat is a must-have tool for your business. Get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction.

Remote Assistance

It is invaluable when it comes to remote technical support. Nearly any computer issue can be resolved via remote IT support tools.

Customize Quickly

Product life-cycles keep getting shorter, demand for products is unpredictable and wide customization options made consumers masters of the situation.

Visitor Engagement

Proactively engaged visitors are 5 times more likely to buy v/s an average visitor.

Chat Supervision

Our live chat gives you a great opportunity to have a direct insight into a chat currently held by other operator. You can: check if the talk proceeds as intend.

Coach and monitor.

Coach and train on an ongoing basis. Use your QA data for individual agents to help them reach their full potential for providing high quality customer service.



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